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  C&CI Student Short Film Competition 2010:      
  Pretoria Philadelphia     A Procura de Pancho

04:56min, 2010 C&CI Student Film Competition

A little girl swings alone in an old, deserted playground. As she swings, she recalls glimpses of an abandoned, decaying Pretoria -flashes of a dysfunctional city, cold and disconnected. She stops swinging and bends down to pick up a handful of crumbled cement, chipped from the edge of the slab the swing is attached to. She rises, closes her eyes and blows the cement dust into the air. In doing so, she instigates a magical process of change and rejuvenation in the city.


10,25min, 2010 C&CI Student Film Competition

Reclusive at first, the student travels through the city, visiting Guedes’ buildings alone and finding them in varying states of disrepair. However run-down the buildings appear, they are still incredibly vibrant. The buildings are still inhabited, and animated by, the ideas of their creator.

Winner of the DStv Film Talent Celebration Competition for 'Best Newcomer'